google play store for chromebook 1 Google to support Android applications in all Chromebooks launching this year


Google has reported that all Chromebooks releasing this year will bolster Android applications. Chromebooks have dependably been a well known choice in the education division due to how affordable they are but hey have neglected to accomplish standard notoriety, particularly with home users.

The organization is going through with its plans to include Android applications in its Chromebooks with the expectation of tackling this issue and making the brand more available and alluring to a variety of customers.

It likewise doesn’t hurt that the Google Play Store additionally accompanies a huge library of games that can be transferred over to Chrome OS, the working framework used in Chromebooks.

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Android applications are arriving to chromebooks

Google declared a year ago that it was bringing the applications from its mobile stage to its desktop stage, and that the component will be made accessible to more established Chromebooks before 2016 ends.

The organization at last affirmed on Monday that “all Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after” will bolster Android applications “at a time to be declared in the coming future.”

As of now, there are three Chromebooks that already exhibit this element: the Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11, and Chromebook Pixel.

Google additionally worked with Samsung at the CES 2017 and uncovered the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus, which will have the beta adaptation of the Play Store installed beforehand.

Acer Chromebook 15 CB3 532 straight on GWP Google to support Android applications in all Chromebooks launching this year


Chromebooks’ Restrictions

It is yet to be seen if these applications would be reformatted to fit Chromebook monitors. Some Android applications have been intended for particular handsets.

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Something else to consider is the inner storage of the Chromebook being utilized. Chromebooks don’t have a sizable internal capacity since a greater part of their files are put away in the cloud.

The inclusion of Android applications will make the Chromebook a reasonable option for individuals hoping to buy a moderate computer this year, as more offline applications and additional functionality will get to be distinctly accessible to the Chrome OS.

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