With modernization in almost all fields, some of things are becoming a part of the past. Google had started the “Google Spaces” app for the purpose of group sharing but now they have decided to end this chapter here. Yes! Google Spaces is going to be discontinued from 17th April onwards. As people are moving towards other means of group discussion and even a large number of messaging and social apps/services are introduced by Google itself, Google Spaces is saying good by to its users.

share spaces Google is shutting down one of its group sharing app, Google Spaces
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The Reason of Google Spaces’ End

Google Spaces was launched less than a year ago but it seems that the Google Administration was not satisfied by its progress and performance or maybe due to any of the other reasons. One of the reasons for Spaces’ less popularity and usage can be the features of Google Spaces that were already present within Google+’s communities and Collection tools. That’s why, Spaces was felt to be a bit unnecessary stand-alone service.

3ad5713c428c189cadc3541743ef6d09 mac os vector logo 1 8 Google is shutting down one of its group sharing app, Google Spaces
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Google is Improvising

But worry not Spaces users! Google always has some quite feasible policies in its mind. The features of Google Spaces that were not a part of the above mentioned Google’s products, are not going in vein. John Kilcline who is a product manager in Google explains that those features will be amalgamated in Google’s other services such as Google Wave, Google Reader and Google Buzz.

Deadline for the Users

Google Spaces users are informed now to save any of the important data from Google Spaces if they want. As April 17th is going to be the last day for the Spaces to be kept running after its read-only mode starting from 3rd March. Read-only mode means that you cannot create new content or start a new discussion, instead you can only go through the old conversations to read them and save the important files and other data out of it.

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