Google announces that since its inception in 2014 it has managed to sell 10 million of Cardboard VR viewers. The company felt proud on the sparkling statistics that is moving it ahead of all in the market.

maxresdefault 7 Google sold 10 million VR headsets since 2014   various video apps to be unveiled very soon


The news hit the public media when Amit Singh, Vice President of VR, spoke on the floor of MWC 2017. He shared that VR has achieved what others are still aspiring for.

Similar details were celebrated through a blog post in addition to some more pleasant statistics. According to it, the most dominant download trend was seen on Google Play. Almost 160 million users downloaded Cardboard apps here. In the same vein, each of the 30 distinct Cardboard titles was downloaded as much as over one million times.

Surprisingly, the numbers do not include those downloads which were done through mobile VR viewers, as they are unofficial. However, even they are unofficial Cardboard headsets, they support the Cardboard apps. I’m sure the statistics would have risen to extremes if the mobile users were included.

googlevr 823x420 Google sold 10 million VR headsets since 2014   various video apps to be unveiled very soon


Reportedly, it is however still needful to know that what orders have been received by the company for its future production. Likewise, what milestones have the company set to achieve in this year. The curiosity about the numbers seems to have taken place after Sony, the arch-rival of Google, shared its demand and supply for its Playstation VR head, with media.

The last information that is publicly available came in January 2016, which detailed that the brand has successfully shipped 5 million headsets.

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Interestingly, Google seems to be really serious about other virtual technologies as well, which it had been updating on and off.

Following is the list of some of such apps:


It soon will be using a video app that could offer more than 360-degree videos. The app is designed by Sky, a broadcasting company.


For this platform, three other newest apps are available.

  • Sims will enable you to visit the Sims house
  • Chelsea Kicker is interested in giving you an opportunity of playing soccer a virtual soccer star
  • And, WSJ AR, that is an evident app for augmented reality.


Apparently, the future seems really bright for Google.