When Google introduced Michael Kors smartwatches and made the lineup available on Google Store, everyone appreciated the move. However, the watches had pretty brief stay and as analysts anticipated; both ‘Michael Kors’ (Access Bradshaw) and ‘Dylan’ models were removed and thus no longer available at Google Store. So what made Google to pull the products back then, was it the ‘$350 price tag’ behind the move?

Michael Kors MKT5006 Blue Bradshaw Smartwatch 750x422 Google Smartwatches Had Brief Stay At Google Store; Sales Department Blamed It On $350 Price Tag For Michael Kors

Via: moneyinc.com

Apparently yes. It has been learned that probably the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw failed to ‘please’ the sales department; leaving them rather ‘disappointed’ in terms of sales; much lower than their anticipations. If Kors stayed for mere three months, Dylan managed a bit longer stay; it showed up for on-line sales for four months before being pulled out.

2016 hot An1 smart watch Android smartwatch SIM memory card camera bluetooth WIFI GPS Internet Google.jpg 640x640 Google Smartwatches Had Brief Stay At Google Store; Sales Department Blamed It On $350 Price Tag For Michael Kors

Michael Kors Access smartwatch line is part of American fashion designer/manufacturer Fossil Group. Although they were even better than the group’s Q-Series latest wearable line; but the $350 starting price proved a ‘wrong’ move. People in the sales department soon realized it and thus deemed it necessary to better pull the products back.

As far design, both Access Bradshaw watches and Access Dylan watches were unique rather classic pieces, beyond doubt. However, the reason behind these products failing to garner due attention was their starting price; $350 seemed a bit high to even loyal potential buyers; leaving them with no choice but to look elsewhere.

It remains unclear yet whether any of these smartwatches will see a reboot in near future but the encouraging news is; the Fossil Group is all set to bring new wearables. It has already been confirmed by the manufacturers that a set of at least 300 new watches will be made available; to be launched, periodically, during the current year.

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So wait till the new, sub-brand hits the market and keeps your hopes alive;who knows what ‘NEW’ comes with the newer breed!