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Google senior vice president confirm, that Pixel laptops aren’t dead yet


Google has announced during a press conference at the Mobile World Congress that they have currently no plans to introduce a new pixel laptop.

If you think of Google pixel today, your first thought may be about the new Android smartphones or the Android tablet from 2015. Google Pixel brand was actually introduced back in 2013 with a laptop. So Before launching smartphones, Google Pixel was a high-end laptop at debut.

Google’s senior vice president for hardware Rick Osterloh told the media at Mobile World Congress that: “Google hasn’t backed away from laptops. We have the No. 2 market share in the U.S. and UK, but we have no plans for Google-branded laptops,”

However, this does not mean the end of Pixel laptop. Later he clarifies in a tweet that:

Hey all, Google’s own Chromebooks aren’t “dead” as has been reported. They will live on, we just have *no plans to share at this time* 😉

It seems that the company is now focusing on smartphones and tablets, while the Google Pixel 2 will be unveiled at the end of the year. As for the laptop brand, it will continue the Chromebooks production, as this market remains important especially among students.

However, There the recent rumors about a merger of Android and Chrome OS could be a long-term plan, where Google would like to unite Android and Chrome OS (perhaps with the help of a new OS).G


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