Google search result now filter the specific event taking place near by you, the local events in your town or city. Just see the example picture below in which searching result for “art events this weekend” is filter and shows in a well organised way by listing the near by matching. Google search engine now shows more closely with particular searches like “Justin Bieber concert in Hawaii next week” you will get the similar search result for specific searches also.

events3.0 Google Search Result Now Filter The Specific Event Taking Place Near By You

Google users can now search exhibitions, concerts, festival shows, motivational events and other special events taking place in their particular areas, these type of all searches will now show up in a special the of event box.

Thousands of daily events are taking place around the globe and every interested person search the details of particular event almost on google, so this feature will now help those ton of people. RTTnews reports that;

According to Google, it has added the new feature after receiving millions of daily search queries related to finding local events and activities.

events3 Google Search Result Now Filter The Specific Event Taking Place Near By You

The feature has been roll out for users in US on Wednesday and will soon updated globally, so be patient and wait if you are to in US. That all about from my side you can also add some words from your side in the comment section below.

Source: The VERGE


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