A few months ago, rumors about the Google Allo desktop confirmed by the voice president of communications products Nick Fox announced the Allo for desktop client will be available in upcoming month or two monthsUnfortunately, Google has not released version for desktop clients.

c5y84xuwqaaxbrm Google says to wait a few weeks for Google Allo desktop client

Today we hear the rumors about the release of Google Allo for desktop clients in the upcoming few weeks. The Head of Product for Google Allow and Duo Amit Fulay confirm the news on Twitter. User have to wait for a few weeks for the complete updated app.

The user is expecting more from the Google. The tech giant may introduce an SMS application that is missing yet. The app for the desktop users allows to send SMS and calls from the desktop. The app is beating the competition with the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

User can connect with each other with Allo over the internet. They just have to pair the devices by scanning a QR code or you can connect by entering a text code, that the user receive from your desktop computer.

However, we have no information why Google is delaying for the release of the full version on the desktop. The users are eagerly waiting for the Allo desktop app. Google has to work on this project.

Wait is over, after the iPhone, Android now Google is launching its calendar app for iPad users