As the sites reported that round about 30 million Cardboard apps are downloaded by the users every month. The reports was made at the MWC event in Barcelona.

Google cardboard is the first cardboard VR headset user using around the globe to experience the virtual reality for very cheap. And now google is planning for the dream day VR. Google sale out more than 10 millions of cardboard VR headset not only this but the giant tech reported that VR headset indeed 160 apps downloaded for the specific VR headset, and if we round it off for monthly approximation so it would be like 30 millions cardboard apps are downloaded every month.

google cardboard v2.0 vr headset 08 Google Sale out Cardboard VR Viewers More Than 10 Million Since 2014
Image source: Cardboard VR headset

Generally google want to come up with new advance services for their customers and focusing that strategy they introduced the daydream VR headset so that every user can enjoy virtual reality by putting their smartphone device into the VR headset for a very cheap.

Currently, in the market there are more than six smartphone devices that support daydream App. Youtube and google is providing good quality in it according to the series coming for the 50% of daydream VR users.

cardboard01 Google Sale out Cardboard VR Viewers More Than 10 Million Since 2014
Image source: Cardboard VR headset

Many sites reported that there will be many important series that will come in the form of series this year putting that in the United states the company observed that more than a million views of the NFL series on VR. Now the competition is begin to start and Google is collaborating with the sky VR in Europe to beat down the VR growth in the region.

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In completion of this VR headset google is now offering many other TV programs, movies TV show as a part of the VR, also started to showing the star war, clips for the jungle book  and racing show etc. and surely google will come up with some new innovative in a very near future.