Google released a new updated version of Chrome browser.

google chrome Google Chrome 56 Latest Update Block Flash ,Fix 51 Bugs

 Google Chrome 56 is available now which brings improvement in performance, faster page loading and issue warning to its user when a shopping site is not secure. The new version innovates especially the safety and security which make it even safer browsing with Google Chrome.
Google want to ban on Flash content and the pages that transmitted over HTTP protocol, rather choose to use the Html 5 and https protocol.
In Chrome 56 when you visit online shop site that uses an HTTP, you will receive a warning that the site is not safe and recommends you not to use credit cards, passwords or other sensitive data.

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chrome http non sicuro rosso Google Chrome 56 Latest Update Block Flash ,Fix 51 Bugs

Traffic on HTTP protocol can be intercepted which can compromise public WiFi networks, routers or other access points, while the ‘Https encryption protects from any risk. Google want that all the online selling websites to adopt Https security protocol.

In addition, the new version fix 51 bugs, enhance the speed of loading pages up to 28% and -60% in the validation requests.

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