Google redesigns the Google News for its users to make easy and simple user interface. You can see the changing in the navigation bar that categories with the News headlines, local news, and other feeds according to the location of the user. The news will appear for your personal interest and taste.

The Google new design also changes in the blue old pattern of the news headlines, now it will appear cards that will show you news of your interest and series of headlines. Moreover, a user can see the name of the news publisher and other related information about the news coverage and more.

google news redesign.0 Google redesigned the Google News feature, users can customize the navigation bar and column

According to the report, Google News product manager Anand Paka states in his blog post as:

“Every day people come to Google News for a trusted view of the world. It’s there for everything from moments of political change to gripping sports events to daily local news.To make news more accessible and easier to navigate, we redesigned the desktop website with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users.”

On the right side of the desktop, you can see the new version of Google news have the fact checking bar that properly update the news from popular sites. Most of the changing concentrate the desktop Google News reader, while some of the changing and updates are also available for the smart device users Google News version.

googlenews Google redesigned the Google News feature, users can customize the navigation bar and column

The latest version of Google News is missing with the sharing icons for Twitter, Facebook, email, and Google+ to share the news. You will not see again the symbols of different news section like world, entertainment and technology as the earlier version have on the navigation column on the left hand.

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Google allows you to customize navigation column and the navigation bar to choose your favorite sections and news on preferences such as any sports news or entertainment news. Moreover, the user having account with Google can personalize the navigation bar.