SAN FRANCISCO based Google’s Gmail web email service is used by millions of the organizations and users around the globe also vulnerable to hackers.  In the RSA Conference, Elie Bursztein, anti-fraud and abuse research team lead of Google. In conference, Google has told that there many technologies and processes that Googles uses to avoid Gmail hackers.

Real-estate is the most cyber attacked sector:

Google has ranked many business sectors as per the number of hacking attacks made. Real-estate is the most attacked business than the organization of healthcare and science. According to Google analysis spam targets id data of first quarter of 2017. Google have not explained why only real estate business is targeted but Boston division of FBI has warned the hacker attacks in the business email of the firm in last December. In the individual targets, 370 firms have been attacked with total loss of $ 33 million while individual losses are from $500 million to $5.9 millions.

gmail phishin Google ranks Gmail malware targets:Real estate businesses receive 10 times more spam

According to Google, The attackers have sent 4.3 times more malicious attachments and 6.2 times more phishing emails to organizational email accounts other than personal email accounts. The reports have been files different sectors and countries against G Suits.

The non-profit organizations Gmail accounts have been attacked more than the profit organization:

In the presentation by Google’s anti-fraud team at RSA this week revealed that science related firm in Germany has been received 9.6 times more phishing emails than the US. Google says it will expose email attack trend and highlights differences to tailor a security defense. In comparison with profit organization, the non-profit organization has received more phishing emails.

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screen shot 2017 02 17 at 12 44 26 Google ranks Gmail malware targets:Real estate businesses receive 10 times more spam

The company has also highlighted the spam attack on May 5, embedded with JavaScript files in ZIP attachments. Locky spam was blocked by Gmail at the rate of 30 million messages per hour, previously it was 20 million per hour. The Locky attacks have explained some ways which google may follow to block JavaScript in Gmail. The other most attacked firms are the entertainment, IT, and housing sectors, and finance.