There have been loads of publications announcing that Google may soon prohibit Torrent sharing locales from surfacing on its search items and subsequently, this may influence movement on these sites— well, most definitely it won’t.

There have been many occurrences in the previous couple of years where well known torrent websites like PirateBay or Kickass Torrents has been taken action against however they’ve effectively put out proxy sites which immediately picked up as much popularity as the first ones.

As indicated by a report by TorrentFreak, the UK government are investigating conceivable choices along with internet search companies, to clamp down on sites which are infringing copyright laws.

Torrent Google prohibiting Torrents will not make much of a difference

The report likewise specifies that the ‘anti-piracy code’ will come in the following four months in the UK, and in the event that it does, its potential spread to different nations is inevitable.

Nonetheless, the thing to see here is that nearly everybody hunting down torrents on the web more often than not gets to their most loved torrent sharing site directly— Google isn’t generally having a major influence in the activity such sites get, aside from possibly eliminating their SEO traffic, which is not much.

Regardless of the possibility that you look for a torrent by means of Google right now, you won’t be coordinated to a well known Torrent site as those have as of now been struck down by the search engine monster.

In the previous six years, Google has eliminated URLs north of 2.13 billion because of copyright violation reports. 65 million of these eliminations came in the most recent 30 days.

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torrent 1 Google prohibiting Torrents will not make much of a difference

The California-based search engine monster has effectively removed prominent torrent sites from appearing on the top pages of its search items.

However, there has been almost no dip in their prominence since the site still remains up — on account of many proxy duplicates on various URLs and netizens imparting the new URLs to each other.

The web is an massive space and to clamp down all the piracy endeavors by tenacious headed web-pirates will be a colossal undertaking for Google or another search engine.