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User Experience for Android users just got better – The newer view of the is all that you wanted

Google Play Store

If you are one of those who got seriously annoyed with Android’s screen distribution and ‘Not-so-good’ management of the tabs in the Google Play Store, it’s time for you to visit the store again. Android has flashed in a quick but verily needed update which can be termed as a refresh. For those who are unaware of what happened to the Play Store, here’s a reference picture for you about how the store used to look like before the refresh.

Now, with the refresh being rolled out for all the Android users, the view has changed a lot. The ‘My Apps’ section has been redesigned now and the newer look gives a tighter layout without wasting the space on the screen. This is actually a basic level update for those who used to get entangled whenever they opened the Play Store.

The Older Look

With so many empty spaces on each tab, you would have to switch between those annoying tabs again and again. Also, updating your apps was a big mess if you didn’t want to go for the ‘Update All’ option. Looking for each app individually by either typing its name in the search bar or scrolling through those long lists…Agghhh!

The Easier New Layout

The newer layout is all that you desired for! The reasonable size of the app icons and the Play Store’s ability to update each app that you have on your phone, individually, is the best one till date. As the picture below shows that you can go to the list of your device’s apps and hit the update button placed against each app. Also, the refresh button added lets you see if there is any recently released update for the app or not.I

The Newer “Installed” Tab

The revamped “Installed” tab, orders the apps with respect to the following criteria:

  • Last updated
  • Last used
  • Alphabetical
  • Size

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