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Google Pixel – Pixel XL Users Relieved: February Security Patch Eliminates Bug Encountering

Google Pixel XL

To the satisfaction of their loyal customers facing kind of a prevalent issue affecting both Google Pixel and Pixel XL; Google fixes the problem silently. February Security Patch by Google seems to have successfully dealt with audio distortion, popping and noise problems; though some are still complaining.

The audio distortion occurred, complained the customers while listening anything at higher volume(s), a similar complaint made by mobile users in December last year. Users said when they played audios at higher volume, they had to encounter the distortion problem; either listening through headphones or while using speakers, both produced noise and distortion.

Call it a Hardware Defect or Software Problem, Google claims to have included a fix, in the February’s Security Patch, taking care of all the said issues. Developer Preview 7.1.2 however, remains affected till date. It must have pretty disturbing for the users to deal with kind of static or popping noises all the time audible; put aside the app or the media playing.

Apparently the fixes included in the subject security patch finally managed to address the long standing. Public response suggests that the move by Google has proved worth the efforts effort with majority happily saying, ‘issue of encountering bugs over.’ OTA (over-the-air programming) worked well for them as evident through a video clip that reveals the January Security Patch produced no results on a Pixel while the issue still exhibited finally disappeared; by applying the latest OTA.

Verizon also shared their experience regarding to February Security Patch alreadyrolling out, stating the update had a positive effect on Honda Bluetooth Carkit using which, ‘reliability’ of both outgoing and incoming calls seemed to have increased, enhanced.


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