Buying a brand new hand set always excites almost everyone and if it happens to be a smartphone that too in the likes of a ‘Google Pixel’ or ‘Pixel XL’ that’s going to make the deal all the more exciting. Now if you have got any of the Google’s wonderful smartphones mentioned here, next step is to get used to your newly purchased device. Becoming an expert of the Pixel, believe it or not, is not that easy, it really involves quite an effort to fully master the entire commands of Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL.

google pixel specs pixel xl specs Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Problems with Adjusting Night Lights?

It would thus be pretty difficult, especially for new users of the devices in question, to know and learn about every single feature thereof. A proper and carefully scribbled list of both tips-n-tricks therefore, would be of great help to majority of Pixel and Pixel XL users. First of all, following is a small but effective guideline for “How to set up Night Light” on Google Pixel:

Go to and see:-

  • Home screen: Do the Swiping (go down from Notifications).
  • Next is to tap at Settings
  • Next from Settings > go to Display.
  • Selecting Night Light > Schedule is the next step
  • All you need now is to Tap the ‘Turn on automatically’ icon.
  • The option of setting up a schedule will be visible here
  • List will include: Never – Custom schedule – Sunset to sunrise. Here the word ‘recommended’ is self explanatory.
  • Under the icon of Status, toggle On / Turn off automatically
  • This is for enabling the Night Light automatically; at the scheduled time.
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“Quick Settings” is yet another menu option, made available at the same Notification Shade swipe done path whereby, the users are able turn Night Light on their devices off or on rapidly and quickly.

TIP: Its the Night Light icon (moon) to be tapped for the purpose of quick on or off option.