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Google Pixel Buds Review

Google Pixel Buds

After the invention of AirPods, many people have been trying to get into the true wireless game. Besides, last year Google released our favorite smartphone, and this year we were taken by surprise with the release of its own wireless buds. Undoubtedly, the Pixel Buds are simply the most comfortable earbuds that can be worn, and they possess extensive abilities between phones and operating systems, as Google products usually do.

Well, the sound quality and battery life of the pixel buds provide more than all your expectations. They can switch from music to video calls without any interruption and work absolutely well to drown out every background noise. The shell also reserves a charge that lasts long.

Google Pixel Buds Features 

Attention Alerts

Either you are listening to music, podcasts, or watching videos, the experimental new feature called “Attention Alerts” might be beneficial. For instance, “Adaptive Sound” feature, it will automatically adjust the audio volume whenever the earbuds detect any sound. Thus, making it more comfortable to listen to audio and also still be at alert.


The case and buds can be bought separately. Google doesn’t offer an estimate for the expected number of full charge cycles from the Pixel Buds’ batteries, which is commonly 500 while maintaining about 80% capacity. Like most of the true wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds are not repairable that makes them disposable. The warranty replacements earbuds or cases are available at £65 each, while ear tips cost about £8 for three sets.

The case is produced with some post-consumer recycled plastic, complying with one of Google’s commitments to add recycled materials in each of its products from 2022. Google will recycle any Pixel devices for free, including the Pixel Buds.

Audio Performance

The Google Pixel Buds possess 12mm speaker drivers in each bud. Sadly, they do not sound amazing. Well, without playing anything, you may probably hear the slightest bit of hissing, and you’ll also observe that some songs have an extremely weak bass response. 

Instead, what you’ll observe is that Google’s Pixel Buds concentrates more on mids and treble. Audio enthusiasts would depict the sound quality as bright, a term that is usually associated with a hissing sound (exaggerated tonal harshness) and listening exhaustion. There isn’t any way to modify this sound either, so you’re essentially stuck with the audio quality that Google offers you, and it’s not good enough.

Connectivity and Controls

The Pixel Buds app helps manage updates, customization, Assistant settings, and the Adaptive Sound feature, which actively adjusts the volume of your music according to the background noise. 

The Pixel Buds support Google’s Fast Pair with Android devices. If you are using it for the first time, you can open the case, or press the button on the bottom of the case. If pairing with another device, then place them near a phone and wait for an on-screen popup. 

The Pixel Buds are regular Bluetooth 5 earbuds, although they pair manually with most devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, etc. They can only connect to one device at a time, but you can switch between devices without first disconnecting them manually.

The controls are awesome, from balancing sensitivity, and the prevention of accidental activation is more excellent than any other touch-control earbuds. Just swipe forward or backward to adjust the volume. Tap once to play or pause, tap twice or thrice to skip forward or rewind a track, then tap and hold to speak to Google Assistant or listen to your notifications. The music automatically pauses whenever the earbud is being taken out, and also resumes automatically upon reinsertion.


The Pixel Buds are extraordinary in that they combine the bass and full sound of a set of silicone tip earbuds with the open-air awareness of earbuds like the AirPods and Surface Earbuds.

Therefore, you get a high-quality sound great for everyday listening with satisfying bass, and a unique separation of instruments and tones. They sound extraordinary with most music genres. 

One thing they lack is any form of sound isolation. The vents that avoid the plugged-in feeling let in sound, which is excellent for awareness out on the street, but not for blocking out those around you.

Google Assistant

The Pixel Buds possess the standard Assistant functions available with various other headphones, including the ability to read out your notifications, the time, and alerts. You only have to tap and hold to talk to an Assistant. Pixel Buds can also listen out for the standard “Hey, Google” wake-word that also implies to Google’s smart speakers. 

Google Translate is the major feature that uses the app on your phone to translate your speech and others into and out of your language. For example, you can speak in English, and your phone will translate it out loud into Spanish while doing the reverse into your ears. 

Battery life 

The aspect where the Google Pixel Buds works as advertised, for better or worse, is with the battery life. Officially, Google advised three hours per charge with a total of 24 hours extra when returned inside the case.

The built-in battery life on the Pixel Buds is smaller than what you’d discover elsewhere, so if you plan on using these on a long-distance flight, expect to go 15-20 minutes without having them in your ears while they recharge. 

The pleasant thing is that the amount of battery life inside the case is similar to Sony, Samsung, and Apple equivalents, and they can also be charged wirelessly.

Disable Touch Controls

With the Pixel Buds Feature, you can disable touch controls and cancel any accidental touches, taps, and swipes. The interesting thing is the ability to either penetrate into your device Settings to make this modification, or the ability to quickly ask the Google Assistant.

Google Pixel Buds: Pros and Cons 

Google Pixel Buds Pros includes:

  • It is affordable 
  • It is comfortable
  • It possesses a solid audio
  • An easy pairing with Android phones
  • Hands-free Google Assistant
  • The case provides 3-4 recharges
  • Long-range
  • It has an IPX4 sweat-resistant (splashproof)
  • An extraordinary case design and size
  • High-quality call quality
  • An uninterrupted translation technology

Google Pixel Buds Cons includes:

  • Its battery life is below average
  • The vented design allows in a reasonable amount of outside noise
  • It doesn’t have to customize touch controls
  • The volume is also a bit quiet
  • It’s not as comfortable as some competitors 
  • It lacks ANC
  • The bass isn’t comparable to some competitors
  • Irregular sound cutouts

Final Remark 

Well, Google absolutely achieved the best result as far as the Pixel Buds are concerned. The Buds are extremely comfortable, sophisticated, and sound awesome, and the price is affordable. But, for some people, major features such as noise cancellation could be a total off, but for some, this is precisely what they desire.  Everything boils down to your preferences.

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