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Google Pixel 3 XL: Is Google able to break it in the Indian Markets


The much-awaited Google pixel 3 XL is almost in the market. The buzzed phone has more impressive features than anyone can think of.

The soft touched matt finish at the back gives the phone a smooth finish. Also, the glass finish has increased the phone’s stability.

As rumored, the phone has all the features and there are various new technologies involved with the camera. The camera has an excellent build with impressive zoom and night light monitoring.

The phone comes in 3 different formats, the clearly white, clearly black and the not white format.

The phone has an unbelievable battery which can keep the mobile in good condition throughout the day.  



Finally, the large and thin notch is there on the phone. The notch is only present in Pixel 3XL whereas the base version, Pixel 3 is missing this feature.

The Snapdragon 845 and 4gigs of RAM has ossified the phone. Though it has only 4GB of RAM than expected, still it has galvanized the audience.

As expected, this notch is much bigger as compared to any other smartphone.

At the back of the phone the user will find only one camera, but in the front, it has two front-facing cameras. Comparing the camera with any other smartphone the Pixel 3XL camera is one of the best in the league. The camera comes with a wide-angle view and automatic capture zoom.

Coming to the speakers, the device has excellent stereo speakers. The pixel 3XL speakers have rich sound and are more robust than its predecessor.

Apart from the speaker, Google has the 12-megapixel camera sensor.

Google has achieved so much with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that with only one camera at the back, it can be compared to any device with multiple cameras.  

Here are a few interesting features-

  • Super-Res Zoom: The super-res zoom takes amazing far shots without much blurring the photo. Of Course, this has a long way to go before being compared with the optical zoom, but the images are better than compared to iPhone 12Px camera.
  • The SHUSH mode literally shuts your phone to silent when you face down your phone on the table.
  • Google lens identifies the products in your photo and can point out the same products online.  
  • An incredible feature of the phone:

Let us assume that a user has received a call. Now generally people have 3 ways to interact. One is to answer it, the second one is to reject it and the third one is to reject and send a text message. But Google came out with a new way to answer your phone call. If you don’t want to talk but still you want to answer the call, then let your google assistant do that.

The Google assistant will answer your phone call and talk with the concerned person. And it lets you know everything about the conversation.

As told above Google is pretty confident of its software part besides its classic phone hardware configuration.

The device comes with a wireless charger having a facility to charge the user’s phone fastly. The device is also compatible with any Qi-enabled wireless charger.

The Titan-M security chip inside the phone’s hardware helps secure passwords and operating systems.  

Google I/O 2018 – Google has officially announced its improved map database. Now if a person wants to see the route of a particular destination, a fox will come to help you out. You can open the street view then enter the navigation mode then ask a fox to help you out with the route. It is a google maps update.  

It is specially designed for Pixel 3 version. This function is also available for other compatible smartphones too.


The camera comes with the AI features to give the best shots.

With loud and clear sound quality, this phone surpasses every phone in the market with its top quality machine learning enhancements and deep learning ideas.

With its classic design, this phone is filled with amazing new qualities. As told by Google this phone is enough to compete for other phones, having great hardware properties.


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