Google Pixel 2 performs is not satisfactory, the device is tested for under stress, the plastic cover scratch off. The smartphone can be responsible for down the company position, but not the reliability. According to the report, Zack Nielson of popular gadget-centric YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, the Pixel 2’s “premium coating” is anything but reliable.

Zack put the recent released Pixel 2 device under stress for a long time to test stress bearing capacity of the smartphone. On result, Zack found it the smartphone back plastic cover that is basically for the protection of smartphone metallic body is totally damaged and that was easy to scratch. The plastic coating over the smartphone body is scratched and an ordinary razor blade is enough to remove it.

171016174729 google pixel 2 thumbnail 1024x576 Google Pixel 2 fails under stress test, the smartphone back is covered with cheap material that easily scratch

Google Pixel 2 back metallic panel is coating with a magnesium mid-frame to provide “solid backing behind the display for when you’re candy crushing it” the details was shared by iFixit report published a couple of days ago. Under the stress test, the Zack clears about the smartphone, the device is not much stronger as it supposed to be. Zack also share the device itself can be bend from the middle of the panel under the pressure. Report states:

As for other components, the display as well the front-facing camera’s case can be scratched with the Moh’s hardness level of five to six picks. In comparison, the displays on the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8 were just as prone to scratches. Additionally, the P-OLED screen, when exposed to fire for 15 seconds, was very damaged partially and never recovered from it, according to Nielson. The fingerprint scanner on the Google Pixel 2 is also not that well-built.

However, the Google Pixel 2 is not stress proof smartphone when it comes for its durability, are you willing to buy Pixel 2 XL? Share your views with is by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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