Google introduced the Google Photos app in 2015. The Google’s developers are working from many years on this app. The app has the feature of facial recognition that allows users to manage the photos, with all that the app facing the problem in object recognition.

Google now update the features of Google photo app. The updates will improve the facial recognition of the objects and you will share the photos with your friends on detecting the person.

gjgp Google Photos version 2.14 is getting the updates for improved facial recognition feature

According to the report, the Google improved feature of the Google Phots allows users to recongnize the images more quickly. You have to ask for the selection of your photo, once you select the photo the app will save it and names as “Me”. As for as, the feature allows you to experience the personalized command on your photos. You will search the more photos of you when you tab for the search.

Users are allowed to create the photo albums, collages the photos and add the animations. The more interesting feature that I like, users once allow the app to recognize your photo and find the photos of you that are on the other photos of family or friends in your device.

google photos app Google Photos version 2.14 is getting the updates for improved facial recognition feature

The new updates will be reached on your existing Google Photo app. You will receive the update notification with in next few days. The other users can also download the app on their devices. The users that have much excitement for the updates can have an option to upgrade the app by cryptographic signature to safe install of the app.

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You can download the app link given below. You can share your excitement for the updates of the Google Photos v2.14, with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

Google Photos v2.14