Google have as been on the verge when it comes to breaking rules. Where the company did recently get fine heavily at a record breaking $2.7 billion. Which was just last month from European Commission for breaking antitrust laws. Breaking antitrust laws came as a result of demoting its competition over its Google network. Where Google would promote their own search results for shopping related services.

google europe Google Might Receive Yet Another Record Breaking Fine From European Commission

It seems that European Commission is not done with Google yet. As European regulations are considering to fine Google with yet another record breaking fine. Though this time the reason for this fine would be over Android OS. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, because using an open source network also comes with some disadvantages. Here smartphone manufactures are allowed limited access to Google Play Store. Unless they agree to also include Google Chrome and Google search on their smartphones.

According to Reuters the next fine that Google will receive will be more than their current record breaking $2.7 billion. Though it’s still not know whether Google will change its dominance over its most selling Android open source software. But Google have been working up its way gradually and slowly. In order to add certain limitations to their open source software.

google fine Google Might Receive Yet Another Record Breaking Fine From European Commission

Something like this also happened to Microsoft as well. Though instead of changing their dominance globally the company instead decided to only implement what the European Commission wanted, in Europe only. Maybe Google might also deal with this situation in the same way as Microsoft once did. Reuters also states that European Commission will now be appointing a peer panel for review of this case. Which would double check these claims against Google. And will come up with a decision that is expected to be at the end of this year.

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What do you think about Google’s dominance over others? Is Google doing right by themselves.