Looks like Google have plans to bring a new Chromebook to the market this year. That will probably get announced alongside their upcoming flagship smartphone. The details were leaked by Droid Life, according to which this new Chrombook from Google will be named Pixelbook. Which will not only offer high end specs for a Chromebook, but will also come with its own stylus and tablet like functionality.

google pixelbook1.0 Google Might Come Up With A New Premium ChromeBook Called PixelBook

The upcoming Google Pixelbook will only be available in a silver color, though there will be three different storage options. That includes a 128GB, 256GB and 512GB model, something we have not seen on a Chromebook. Because Chromebooks offer very little storage space. While the pricing on these three models will be $1199, $1399 and $1749 respectively. Microsoft will also be charging extra for the Stylus known as Pixelbook Pen. Which will not get shipped with the purchase of the Pixelbook and would need to get purchased separately.

The upcoming Pixelbook from Microsoft sure is expensive. Considering that a high end Chromebook from any other company does not go above the $700 mark. But there is a reason to why the upcoming Pixelbook is so expensive. Which is the build quality and the storage. As the Pixelbook basically looks like a Surface Book with Chrome OS loaded onto it. Who knows you might also be able to run Windows on it if needed. Because with such a high price, do expect the hardware to be high end as well.

google pixelbook pen Google Might Come Up With A New Premium ChromeBook Called PixelBook

Whatever the case maybe Microsoft is still charging a lot for a Chromebook device. Which is up there with high end Windows and Mac offerings. So I’m not sure who Microsoft is really targeting this year. Because no matter how high end it gets, it’s still a Chrombook.

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What do you think about the Pixelbook from Microsoft, will you be willing to cash out that much for a Chrombook?