Human body has been designed to drain its waste products several time in a day,due to poor development of urban and rural area it is not possible to evacuate yourself from waste products.In the collaboration of Indian urban development and Google maps  has developed a tool to locate to you to the nearest public toilet.There are many countries in Asia those least developed in urban development, it has plenty of other issues of hygiene and sanitation.

google public toilet locator 1024x768 Google maps and Indian Government developed a tool to fix natures call
Indian public toilet project

Indian Government aimed to built 11 million public toilet in different cities like national capital Delhi,Faridabad,Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Noida.Like Pakistan Indian has also been divided into two categories rural and urban.while Defecating  yourself is not a big issue for rural culture but is it obviously a main issue for urban culture.Because India is highly populated country but poorly developed,her house and urban development is now working with  Google maps to locate you to the nearest restroom avail.

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Indian urban development ministry aims to built public toilet and Google maps locate to nearest location

Only requirement to avail the facility is smartphone ,GPS connection that gives direction to the nearest toilet.Proper sanitation of cities save the society from many health issues like viral diseases,endemic ,pandemic,bacterial diseases.Controlling outside all these disease gives a potential opportunity to health department for safety measure and may decrease health expenses on communicable diseases.

Google maps is highly used application around the world for restaurants,picnic palaces,railway station,navigation etc the latest option is it will used for toilet directions.

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