If you are that kind of a person who often forgets where s/he parked the car, you are not alone. Some people are unlucky when it comes to finding a parking spot and if they get it, the next thing is that they might forget where they parked their vehicle after they come back from the groceries store etc. Even if you find a parking spot easily, it’s quite natural that you forget about the exact parking location. But there’s nothing to worry as Google has got you covered up with this. Google Maps can save the location where you parked the car.

pic 267 Do you often forget the spot where you parked your car? Google Maps is here to remind you

What’s New?

You might think of other options for this purpose but Google Maps has this extra feature of saving the location as well as leaving notes. You might ignore the importance of notes until you come across a situation where you have parked your vehicle in a multistory building and even the GPS is telling you the location but you just can’t figure out what floor is it on. If you don’t have this notes option, you might waste a whole lot of time just to look out your car on every floor of the parking.

pic 45 Do you often forget the spot where you parked your car? Google Maps is here to remind you

Setup The Location Saving Feature

In order to setup this feature, just tap the blue location dot on Google Maps once you have finalized the location where you are going to park your car. As the blue spot is the one which tells you your location, a small menu will appear on this dot once you tap it. You can calibrate your blue dot compass and then click the option for “Save your parking.”
Now you’ll see a letter P on the screen and that’s your destination when you come back to your vehicle. To remember the exact floor number or any other hint to remind you of your parking spot, you can add notes with the Parking Saver option.

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