android one philippines 720x480 Google is to be launching Android One Phone by mid of the year; with more affordable prices

Google newly developed phone android one will be soon available in market at very low-cost, with the features which are mostly available in very expensive phones. It will be an opportunity for those with the compact budget.


By launching of Google Pixel for $650 and Pixel XL for $770, google is now making clients for their high-tech phones, and now by launching low budget phones in US will definitely cover the space left in a category of people holding a tight budget. Google started the project from with three Android phones, launched in 2014. The cost of each phone was $100.

All Three phones were similar in specifications, 4.5 inch FWVGA display with a 854×480- pixel resolution, quad core 1.3GHZ MediaTek processor, dual-SIM, 1GB RAM,4GB internal memory, microSD card  slot, 5mp camera and removable 1700mAH battery as well.

Not everyone in US can afford such expensive and high tech phones, Google is pushing Android One as a low- cost phone in developing market but that doesn’t mean that no one is US want the with low cost. According to new report after launching Google’s new cheap smartphone it will tack over the market.

Google’s new device will be launch till the mid of the present year and the cost of the phones will be around $200-300. The phones are not cheap as the CEO of google once stated but $200 for an unlock phone is fair enough.


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