Google has rolled out yet another fascinating feature on Android.

The feature Instant Apps will let you enjoy pretty and immersive apps with animations without installing them on your device.


The Android users will have to download and run apps on their devices without undergoing a huge task of installation. It would allow the streamlined mobile experience to run through the content of the website, where the installation process can be skipped and the browser version of the site can be accessed.

To take benefit from the feature, developers would have to update the existing apps for activating the functionality, because Instant Apps uses the same source code and APIs as used by other Android apps.
Screenshot 14 6 Google launches Instant App on Android   download and enjoy apps, no installation


TechTimes reports that this feature is being applied to several apps for test purposes before it is generally launched.

The first apps to run the feature are BuzzFeed, Periscope, Wish, and Viki. Feedback from sampled and participant users will be collected and used to bring appropriate changes and to further apply to all apps in the future.

Screenshot 15 6 Google launches Instant App on Android   download and enjoy apps, no installation

Screenshot 16 5 Google launches Instant App on Android   download and enjoy apps, no installation


Here one cannot ignore the active role of Google Play Store that works behind the instant working of the apps.

These apps are delivered by the Google’s servers with considerable speed and efficiency, where Google Play approves and publishes the instant functionality.

What you can see is very simple and doable. Just click on a link that has an associated Instant app at the URL, you will get a tiny version of that app instead of the site.

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Users report that though its not much fast, it is indeed  a very attractive and interesting function.


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