4 45 Google is trying to calm the advertisers not to boycott against YouTube

This uproar started when there’s been changes made on YouTube. YouTube started to show big companies ad’s with different videos like paid video, terrorist video and some atrocious videos. Which is bad for business, I mean what could it mean if one saw an international brand product with a terrorist video. It gives bad impression on the product. And that is certainly not what advertisers and brands wants.

YouTube should fix this issue as soon as possible, some of the advertisers already pulled out and some of them are thinking to leave the Google Ad network because of this issue. The advertisers demanded Google that to fix this issue before they even returned to them.

Multi-national brands like Toyota, Audi, McDonald’s they for the time being postpone their advertising on YouTube after they find out this issue, their product with next to terrorist videos, atrocious video, sexual content, racist content, violent content etc.

8 16 Google is trying to calm the advertisers not to boycott against YouTube

According to some reports, this chaos also effect the company’s shares and their revenue dropped like a rock since this thing happened.

There were no monetization of video’s on YouTube and the only way to fix this is to peel the decision and by the time the decision to reverse it was already made and it was too late. Millions of people have already seen it and that’s how they lost a lot of revenue.

There’s also reports that Google has somehow survived this YouTube ad dispute for now because according to that report Google managed to keep them even after this big haul. Google promised them that they’ll pull their ad’s from inappropriate video’s and promised them it won’t happen again.

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