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“Personal Tab” is going to be the part of Google Search soon – You can search images and videos related to yourself now


Google is rolling out more advanced options for improving your search. Ever wondered how photos that you had used in the past in any of the Google services like Google Photos, Gmail, Calendar etc. show up when you search something related to them? For example, you search the word “Home” and if you had previously used your home image with those attribute or even without them in any of the Google services, you might get the same image in Google Search results. Now a dedicated personal tab for such results related to your personal photos is coming your way.

Personal Tab Can Be Very Helpful

The personal tab can be very helpful indeed because of the fact that it shows you only those images that are related to you. Though it will not work initially for the Google Search app on your Android smartphone, still, you can use it through your browser by opening the personal tab.

How To Use It?

Using the personal tab is very simple. Naturally, you’ll search anything in Google normally just the way you do it. Once you get the results, you can press the Personal tab option from the More drop-down menu. Now the results will be updated and only relevant photos, videos, emails, will be shown to you.

Privacy Issues

If you are thinking about the privacy issue, you definitely don’t need to worry. The best part about this search is that it is only visible to you. Google even displays an “Only you can see these results” message for your peace of mind.


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