Google Introduce Video conferences App “Meet” for Business by google hangouts designed for virtual meetings. The application comes with G suite listed in google app store highly lined up with business activities.In this time google target the business community. You can avail them on your desktop as well as mobile.

“Meet” is introduced with different features, either it looks like hangouts but may not have any voice calling option or chat room rather you can join meeting having privacy code though and find meeting schedules, timing, subject, location, agenda You can share it sending a code for entering in the meeting by just clicking green button from your phone. It can be linked with Gmail and calendars.

bjn features 3 0 layer Google Introduce Video conferences App Meet for Business


30 member can participate at a time. In a case of large numbers of participants, the main screen video will display in the top right corner while other members enlist including their emails, screen and videos under the main screen.  It can be linked with Gmail and calendars.

As Google developers already mention its launch in January 2017 and “meet” is the substitute to hangouts. Google listed this app on app store rather on play store. It will be a better choice for the number of companies for more investment.

From reviews google app meet is direct competition with other social networks like skype and go to meeting. Recently app is available on iOS and web app.


News for Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL device owners, the smartphone has a hidden home menu feature