The Google Home works for you with many features like the finding of the cheapest flights, control the connected gadgets do answer the question you supposed to ask. The Google Home now works for you as a chef.

The Google recently update the new feature that allows you to listen to the recipes from all the sites like Food Network, Bon Appetit and much more. You will listen to almost 5 million different recipes.

You can listen to the recipes by simple way, you have to just search the recipe from your smartphone as you want to listen. You can also search the recipes from the Google Assistant.

In this process, a new “send to Google Home” button is there to add a more step. You have to press the button after doing that the recipe will start loading. After that, a new dialogue box will appear saying “OK Google, start cooking”.

Recipe Google Home updates the features, you can enjoy almost 5 million recipes on the app

Furthermore, you can ask then go back to any step you want during the cooking and as well as you can listen to again the recipe, and you can go to the next step by saying the Ok Google. During the recipe, users can also give commands to Google Home for other apps. You can ask the questions, play the music or whatever you want. Your recipe will not disturb by other commands of Google Home.

I must say thanks to google for such type of feature that assist you in the cooking, Google recent updates the many other features. The Amazon echoes is already doing the same type of services, but the Google’s kitchen app with 5 million recipes kick out the other apps. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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