Google Home is one of the best innovations of the search giant. Google always adds features to its applications and devices. Although Google adds features to Google Home the smart speaker, but the speaker have needed to improve and add more features.

The news about the Google is adding a voice dubbing feature, the user can hear the voice by dubbing the voice. You have to ask the Home to dub your voice and command to convert the preferred languages.

GH Livingroom 1.jpg 1 Google Home smart speaker allows you to dub movies, and voice of your favorite actor

Amazon Echo have not the similar feature, the Google want to win the competition and stealing more customers around the Globe. The voice dubbing feature is one of the best feature. Now you can change the voice of the actor on screen to any other voice in another language.

Moreover, you can dub the movies or any TV show while you are watching a TV show or film directors. You have to follow simple steps to dub the movie or voice of any actor. Go with Google Home speaker with the option under as “Control TV or speakers”> Play your TV shows and movies  using Google Home. According to report, complete list of dubbing commands given below as:

  • Turn on dubbing
    • “Dubbing on”
    • “Turn on dubbing”
    • “Can you turn on dubbing?”
  • Change language
    • “Change language to <language>”
    • “Switch language to <language>”
    • “Turn on <language> dubbing”
    • “Play it in <language>”
    • “Switch the voice over to <language>”
    • “Translate film to <language>”
    • “Start dubbing in <language>”
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