Google finally rolled out the most awaiting feature for Google Home, the free audio cabling. Today, Google Home receives the features of the voice callings in all over the US, however, Canadian users will receive the updates for a few days later. The feature allows you to make calls to your friends, businesses and other contacts.

You have to simply use your voice and signature “OK Google” command, it will dial for you. The Google Home smart Speaker latest feature is more flexible as compared to the other smart Speaker in the market like Amazon Alexa and Echo calls and messaging support. Moreover, you have to make calls from your smart speaker, but the Google yet not allow to all other Google Home from yours or answer calls. The only outgoing calls feature is recently added.

vrg 1228 google home 01 2.0 Google Home is receiving the updates of free voice calls in the US and Canada

Google allows to make calls for free in all over the US and Canada. WiFi connection is mandatory for making calls for free, you are not required to smartphone minutes for calls. However, the Google Home’s hands-free calling is totally distinct feature form your smartphone

Moreover, the most annoying think of the call is your are unable to see the number of the all incoming calls, doesn’t matter you are connected over the WiFi. The incoming calls show your unknown caller ID, or No caller ID. So, you cannot see the caller number or other information. Google promised to its Voice and Fi customers that at the end of year, they will compensate with new features that will be an alternative solution for the annoying phase.

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Google rolled the hands-free calling update over the air, the user in the US and Canada will receive the notification according to the location vise. The Google Home smart speaker is also available in other countries like Australia, France, Germany, and the UK, but the hands free calling feature is not supported in theses regions. Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!