Search giant Google is rolling out new features of Play Music to its smart speaker Google Home. You can now play songs from the Google Play or can upload the songs from your music player.

The updates for Google Home allows a user to play songs from the personal playlist. Many of Home owner want to play a sad song, now they can choose their favorite track on the smart speaker. The company claims to listen the music of your choice as the Google Home speaker will ask you to play your favorite song from the playlist.

GH Livingroom 2.jpg 2 Google Home has now played music for you from the uploaded songs on Play Music

According to the report, Google Home speaker allows to store 50,000 songs on the Play Music storage cloud. You can play these tracks for free anywhere you want to enjoy the music. However, Google own smart speaker didn’t allow to hear the music for free via its smart speaker.

After getting the updates you can listen the music that you have uploaded or purchased at the Play Store. The smart speaker will ask you to choose your favorite track, artist or album instead of directly connecting to the Radio tracks.

%name Google Home has now played music for you from the uploaded songs on Play Music

Moreover, you can subscribe the songs and that would be priorities just liked played on-demand songs. You Just say to Home to play the song, it would play for you. You not to need the location of the music file to play. Share your views with us in the comments section given below!

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