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Google Glass finally got the updates, the device is back from dead


Google Glass, the $1,500 face computer was introduced back in 2014. The product was almost dead, the users didn’t like much the product and were expected to shut down the product at the end of year 2015. But the Google once again proves the cares about its customers. Today the dead Google Glass receives the updates.

According to Google’s support site, updates are about to bug fixes and the performance improvements. The latest version “XE23” have got the first update from last three years. The latest updates are not much bigger, but it’s good for the company product. Now Google Glass will enable the Bluetooth functionality. Keyboards and mice can be now connect with the Glass.

Google also rolled out the updates for My Glass app supported for the Google Glass. Three years ago the device had the support of Android 4.2 and now the device has the updates for Android 5.1. The new updates will allow a user to sync notifications for your smart device. Android wear is doing the same, allow user to read the notifications. The Glass have the updates for the battery saving mode, connected to your smart devices.

We really don’t know why Google rolled out the updates, it may be Sergey Brin likes the product so much and now want to connect the keyboard and mouse with it. Google surprisingly chooses the updates for Google Glass where no boy was thinking the developers can work more for the dead product.

The Google Glass users once again liked the updates. If you have the Google Glass, do you get the updates? Share yourself with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!


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