Google now wants to do better at backing up and securing computer files. Where currently the company provides its Google Drive solution that can be installed on any computer for backing up and securing files. But there were a lot of limits to it and now Google wants to extend its supports even more.

Google will soon be rolling out a new update. With the help of which users would now be able to backup and secure any folder present on their computer. Users even have the choice to backup and secure their entire desktop if needed. Aside from that user can select specific files as well.

Google Drive Google Finally Updates Its Existing Google Drive App With More Features

The update is not out yet, but users can get their hands on it starting 28th of June. Where after the update the existing Google Drive will also incorporate Google Photos Backup. While both of these features will work together to make everything work. As interesting as this sounds, Google for now is only paying attention on general consumers. While for business users, Google is advising to only use Google Drive for now. The new update will also be bringing a lot more features. But as of now the above mentioned features are the only things we know about.

It’s good to see that Google is finally paying attention on its cloud services. User who would go with the new update shouldn’t worry about anything as well. As even after the update all the settings on the new Google Drive will remain untouched. This should remove any concerns that users have while updating to the new version.

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google drive 1 Google Finally Updates Its Existing Google Drive App With More Features

Before taking advantage of this new update. Do keep in mind that the maximum free limit on Google Drive is just 15 GB. It can be upgraded but then Google will be charging for the extra amount of data being stored.