Introduced and developed by Google, Android Pay is a facility that helps millions of bank account holders benefit from this digital wallet platform; enabling them to pay at any ‘contact-less payment terminal’ of their choice. To facilitate more users, Google expands Android Pay by adding more financial entities to the already existing pretty long lineup.

It has been reported that Google is enhancing the Android Pay support and for the purpose, the site has offered the service to more banks; as many as 31 newly added financial entities are now visible on the support page of the app. As mentioned in the title above, the addition of 31 entities means the support circle expands to over 600 US banks now. The users can avail the facility at any of the newly added banks; each being completely compatible with Android Pay Service.

download Google Expands Android Pay Further: Now Over 600 Banks Benefiting From The Mobile Payment Support; In The US Alone

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Few out of the total 30 banks added are listed below, enabling Google achieve another landmark; finally surpassing the 600 threshold:

  1. America’s First FCU (Visa),
  2. Bank of Eastman/Magnolia State Bank,
  3. Central National Bank,
  4. TTCU The Credit Union
  5. Prime South Bank
  6. NBT La Grange
  7. Credit Union of Colorado
  8. IU Credit Union
  9. Lewiston State Bank
  10. Marquette Bank

card scan 1024x705 Google Expands Android Pay Further: Now Over 600 Banks Benefiting From The Mobile Payment Support; In The US Alone

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Android Pay: Pros And Cons

Android Pay users are provided with the unique option of making ‘digital payments’ using an Android Smartphone, allowing them using both in-app/tap-to-pay buyings.

Not only easy one-tap,  quick and onscreen payments, users are offered several other added advantages associated with this digital payment platform.

Accessing Android Pay

For the purpose, a user simply requires to adding any (or all) of the following cards to the app, using his/her smartphone:

  • Debit/Credit
  • Loyalty
  • Gift Card

Buying At Physical And Online Stores

Adding their cards to app, as explained above, facilitates consumers making easy payments while shopping at some physical store(s). The cards thus added would also be used for online payments. At physical stores, unlocking their smartphones and holding them over the store’s payment terminal is the only requirement for consumers.

Accidental Data Loss

Encountering a situation of accidental loss of banking data due to any reason such as theft, potential damage to smartphone or device lost etc., users must immediately lock, wipe or secure their precious data remotely; using Android Device Manager.

Millions of Android Pay supporting stores are already available in countless major cities of countless nations around the globe yet, to facilitate the US citizens more; Google expands Android Pay support to further US Banks.

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