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Google Cloud Video Intelligence API now let you search objects in videos

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API

If you are a developer and you want to create an application that can search in a video or search objects in a video. Google has given an answer for that. Google has released a new technology API that can consequently identify whatever the objects are in a video and making them searchable that implies you can look for a specific bird or specific thing and so on.

Those videos have to be store on the Google’s cloud storage service. You’ll have a look at the Demo of this API.

Whatever you want to identify in your video first you have to store your recordings on the Google’s cloud storage service. How about look at a Demo of API intelligence yourself and tell us what you think about it.

All you have to do is go to the cloudgoogle.com/videointelligence. You can also sign up for using private beta version.

To test API, select any video you want to try and go to the shots tab, you’ll clearly see that it will detect objects in the videos.

It seems very interesting though. In the event if you are looking for a specific thing in multiple video’s, API will tell you where and which time you can find your object which you were looking for.

Google just showed off a new Video Intelligence API that lets you search for objects within video clips, here’s an bit of the demo pic.twitter.com/wOPwsmnAfe

— Karissa Bell (@karissabe) March 8, 2017

This also means one’s who can’t see can now see what objects are around them. However, this is only accessible to those who have the Beta version.


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