Google is among the most reliable friends these days. From quick browsing to education, it caters to our day to day needs.

Google Classroom is a service that is designed for those who are involved in students’ education. Reportedly, more than 20 million educators and students benefit from it.

Likewise, administrators oversee through it, while developers use it for designing or improving educational standards through technology.

Recent updates in the Classroom have strengthen this platform to a considerable level. Let’s see these updates.

For students

Different students with different learning approaches

A one-size-fits-for-all tactics has never been successful in any educational domain. In a classroom, every student has got individualized caliber that needs to be considered when any task is being assigned to him or her.

With the recent update, the teacher has an option to assign a task to a student or a group of them, based on his or her/their capacity.

This update enables students to concentrate on their tasks from the standpoint of their own understanding without running a race with other classmates.

For teachers

Teachers should be good managers

Teachers always complain about being overloaded with students’ assignments, their feedback and after-school activities.

To help them resolve the issue, this update will now send teachers two new types of Classroom notifications: one when the students submit their work after the due  date and one when they re-submit it.

The teachers will also get notifications about commenting on the work, and other scheduled posts

For administrators

Good overseeing ensures good education

Administrators traditionally rely on Admin console to check how Google is being employed in the school.

With this update, they are now able to see classroom data as well, which will be included in the Admin Console Reports.

The administrators will now stay informed about how many classes and posts are being created, by looking at metrics on overall Classroom usage.

This can prompt the admin provide timely support to teachers and students anytime they need.

If properly utilised, these updates can revolutionise the entire classroom education.

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