Apple is no more top of the list brand. Google takes the title after waiting for five years.

Apple, enjoying a global status of number one valuable brand for 5 consecutive years is indeed something it should feel proud of. However, neck to neck competition finally gave way to Google that brought the other to its knees.

Statistics, according to Brand Finance’s Global 500 2017 report, are really glowing.

Google takes the title by jumping to $109.5 billion monetary value, a record raise since 2011 and which is 24 % more than the last year digits.

Screenshot 8 1 Google brings Apple to knees after 5 years, stands top of the list valuable brand


Apple, dramatically and drastically dropped down to $107.1 billion from $145.9 billion reported last year.

Other brands in the list after these two are Amazon, AT and T and Microsoft, ranking wise. Google also cashes from the value of the largest search engine, as the advertising revenue increased by almost 20% last year, despite a relatively low income coming from marketers who pay less for page reviews.

On Apple’s side, the brand seems to be a bit shaky. The company is losing hold on some of the customers who are obsessed with innovation and dynamism at extreme levels. To view critically, the Apple Watch did not make up for the brand as it was expected to score.

The chief reason perhaps is the brand’s stagnant approach in the field of quick and viable technological advancements.


A brand that was famous for its innovation has become potentially slow in giving good omens to its followers, despite the fact that the field of smartphone competitors is always at the increase.

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Still holding an olive branch, Apple thinks it can recover what they have lost.

Reportedly, quite a fairer sales of the iPhone 7 and Plus has pushed the Q4 by $17.9 billion over the weekend, which is lauded to have flown in the face of critics.

Screenshot 9 1 Google brings Apple to knees after 5 years, stands top of the list valuable brand


Google, on the other hand, reports a net income of $5.33 billion, or $7.56 per share.

The major share of the search engine comes from mobile search, expansion in newer business and video ads.