Google Brain is using Artificial Intelligence, It can Enhance Low-Resolution Pictures:

Nowadays Google is working on new projects, now the time has come when the google takes their own decision and more intelligence and Efficiently, this project is a deep and lengthy project research. In this project, some special task is deep learning like it will take the decision about the computer vision problems like the classification of the object and also the generating captions of images in basic language of computer and its processing.

New Projects:

Through this project, it will improve the most of the google products like voice searching, image searching and many other searches etc. Some part of this project was used in some websites and operating system if we talk about The website so there is a good example of YouTube, that YouTube will recommend same videos most of them which you want to see and if we talk about the example of the operating Android’s speech recognition system.

Artificial Intelligence:

This project is based on Artificial Intelligence, So in other ways google constantly learning new habits of its users and improving itself in order to give you Better results. The developers working on this project so it will become possible with two ways. The conditioning network works Released the all other images in the database in 8 x8 formats so the other side, it will start comparing with the original 8×8 image.

google 1920x1080 Google Brain is using Artificial Intelligence, It can Enhance Low Resolution Pictures
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