To the game lovers’ satisfaction, Google is believed to be working on bringing two significant changes in Play Store area of the site. One change is expected in its interface while the other one is related to discovering best available games; with end users requiring minimum effort to do so.

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As far Google Play Store getting a revamp, the company made an announcement while during this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) and hinted about upcoming adjustment(s). The proposed changes relate to following:

  • App recommendations, and
  • Payment platforms

The company further explained that it plans adjustment in algorithms involved in its Android application store; with games (still) being the prime focus anyway. Reports suggest that Alphabet Inc. is all set to take all possible measures to satisfy developers; by addressing whatever concern(s) they may have about app store.

Google’s parent company aims at achieving the purpose by making the process of sifting as simple and easier as possible. Looking at the number of apps Google Play offers (2.4 million or above); it is pretty understandable that scrutinizing through such a huge app-collection requires quite an effort.

Among the expected Improvements, one could be the introduction of artificial intelligence, a move the company hopes to be effective in several ways such as providing support for further, different payment platforms or Chromebooks and virtual reality etc.

Sameer 1 Google Believed To Be Working On Bringing Significant Changes In Play Store Area


As quoted above, Google may opt for whatever changes, the Google Play and its setup will, however remain the same; the prime focus of Google Play will remain GAMES. A press report revealed that this was ensured by Android – Google Play VP Product Management Sameer Samat.

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Meanwhile, apparently the change may look a minor one but the same is likely to leave a serious impact, especially when it comes to marketing the games. The newer method of dealing with the rankings would result in earning the publishers more downloads; a subject certain publishers value a great deal than others.

It appears that the significant changes in Play Store will certainly help users and make them believe; discovering games of their choice was never that easy before.