The wait is over, CES 2017 has started today, at the expected collaboration we are already looking at different products developed with the smart assistance. In the latest news, Hyundai has announced its plans to team up with Google to make their cars connected with the assistant. Hyundai’s Blue Link service will offer automatic emergency support and allow the owners to control various aspects of the vehicle remotely. The combination will be through a connected smartphone like Android Wear device or Apple watch. On the trade show of CES 2017, the car maker announced the partnership with Google to add the voice control to its vehicle using the Google Echo rival and Google Home.

hyundai 89 Google Assistant Being the Talk of the Eve` at CES 2017: Through Google Home now Control your Hyundai Car


Hyundai Company links with Google Assistance For Voice Commands

One of the biggest trends of CES 2017 was Virtual assistance as we take a look on the new partnership that Amazon virtual and Google assistance are developing with the third party services and products. At CES 2017 Hyundai is going to showcase its Blue Link software which interacts with the Google Assistant to control connected features of the cars. Having this combination, car owners will be able to ask Google to lock their doors, start the car and perform other of the similar tasks.

Google maps are also supported by Bluelink. So you can send addresses and directions using the Google`s Mapping data straight to your car through voice control. The combination will require you to provide Google Assistant with a PIN of Blue link to ensure that you have the authority to control the vehicle. The company has promised to add more features when public witness the launch of integration. The home production of Google is expected to be introduced to compatible vehicles soon but there is no estimate on when Hyundai will offer Google Assistant for voice commands. The support and the integration for voice is not a new feature to be taken by Hyundai. The vehicle maker has already offered same abilities of controlling your vehicles through smartwatches and phones. Primarily, this will be the first ever “official” integration of a connected car with the digital home assistance. The company Nissan is also appearing to be announcing the integration with Microsoft Cortana with it`s car. More will be known after the keynote on 5th of January.

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