Google Assistant now couple with Raspberry Pi to develop its AI tools and to make it accessible in digital markets. The new hardware accessory named as “Voice HAT” is very small like a credit card size computer , it works with Google Assistant to control projects based on Raspberry Pi system.

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HAT device (HAT stands for Hardware Accessory on TOP) allow Google Assistant to answer all the question related to anything like sports and whether condition etc, as it functions with Raspberry Pi covering it into a robot. what you have to do is just order and HAT will serve you if it able to find the particular thing in its memory, means it must not be an irrelevant.

The latest edition of Raspberry pi official Magazine MagPi is providing the bundle pack, you can read the magazine here. The bundle pack includes a kit which contain all the required wiring and other pieces, like a speaker, microphone add-on board, and cardboard case to house the project and an instruction list is also merged with in these.

AIYlaunch Google VoiceSim Deconstucted white Google Assistant Now Commands on Raspberry Pi as Voice HAT

Google also released Assistant SDK to developers last month, and any one can install the software. This shows that HAT is not only the software to operate Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi. In fact the giant company is doing many things in every field of tech.

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Source: The VERGE

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