While a majority of the android smartphone users doesn’t use the Digital Assistant apps such as Google Assistant, the Google I/O 2018 revealed that 500 million devices are already using the Google Assistant now. The effortless availability of the tool can help its users a lot as even the entry-level android devices are equipped with it.

get pixels google assistant working other android devices.1280x600 e1507013124742 Google Assistant app is expanding world wide with a current network of 500 million users!

The Google Assistant app is now a great travel partner too as you can you can ask quick questions, book tickets, and take Google’s help in performing other smartphone-bound errands.

This is all happening because digital assistant apps are a growing trend and in the coming future, most of us would be completely depending on such apps. While most of us ignore the positive outcomes of such apps, using them is more beneficial than we think. Imagine performing most of your tasks with the voice commands, without having to type things. This reduces your effort both in terms executing new steps and in writing the text.

Also, Google is expanding the Google Assistant service to almost all the regions of the world which shows its increasing popularity.

Google Assistant Will Now Be Supported On Apple iOS Devices Through An App