Google announces to make Chrome open source for iOS.

Mobile users have always been constrained by the limited options they have when they intend to go for search. They mostly enjoy default options like Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android, though much provision has always been available to expand the market.

Screenshot 8 Google announces to make Chrome open source for iOS   A welcome gesture for Apple and world wide developers


And finally, Google has once again come up with big bang news of making Google Chrome open source for iOS, so that developers expedite their job for making the feature handy for the iDevices as soon as possible.


Apparently, it seems more like a developer-oriented tactic to enable the global market of developers to use the code for making their own browsers.

The company reports that it has been long committed to make the code available at open source forum so that required necessary changes are brought to upstream the code for iOS to be further included into Chromium.

Screenshot 10 Google announces to make Chrome open source for iOS   A welcome gesture for Apple and world wide developers


The company has been putting efforts to compile the fundamental source for iOS version for developers and now it is done. The code contains all the necessary tests that are automatically run anytime they are started.

The search engine has showed its exclusive generosity to hit two birds with on stone: to expand the platform of browsers and to include a possibility of the improvement of the Google Chrome itself.

All interested can easily access the code on Google’s open source repository.



On the other hand, the Chromium will provide the iOS developers with a stable platform with multiple customization options, to use the code effectively.


This is indeed a welcome gesture for iOS on becoming a club member of Chromium community.


The new optimization will indeed bring the iDevices in par with other user friendly browsers, though even the Safari is an available option in the devices, once installed, Chrome would remain the most cherished browser for all operating systems.

Google took the initiative in response to Apple’s constraints in accessing Chrome through the search engine’s own Blink rendering engine. The iOS platform rather needs Chrome to be built on WebKit.


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