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Google Announced To Launch Its Standalone VR Headset; Standalone Fuses Daydream 2.0 and Tango

Standalone VR Headset; Standalone Fuses Daydream 2.0 and Tango

From much time it was roaming around that Google is working on a Standalone Virtual Reality device. As standalone headsets are much complex because its display feature is amazing as with battery and tracking system also. The giant company shared more about the headset in the 2nd day of I/O conference while discussing the topic of Virtual and Augmented reality keynotes.

Google is working with partners to developed the headset with more advanced features and to bring some more reality in  virtual reality devices, a technology powered by tango augmented reality system is used to create virtual space tracking, the giant company named it as “Worldsense”. Device making companies HTC and Lenovo are cooperating with the giant company along with the chip maker Qualcomm. The headset will launch later this year as Google announced in I/O on Wednesday. Clay Bavor, Google’s head of VR said:

“The whole device is designed just for VR,”

The most amazing feature of the headset is it “positional tracking” feature, this feature will now allow Standalone VR users to look and move around into the virtual world, the world of fantasy, while using the headset. This is a specific and unique feature as it was previously available in the PC based VRs only. Positional tracking is a new success key for VR developers as it will attract more users due to its comfort and more realistic view of virtual world.

And this may also prove to be a success note for Google’s standalone headset. According to Financial Times report, all these make Google’s standalone easy to use. Mr Bover said;

“Getting into VR is as easy as picking the thing up. By building every part of the device specifically for VR, we’ve been able to optimise everything . . . to give a stronger sense of being transported.”


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