The Google continuously work on its app to improve the performance and innovate the new apps adds features by upgrading the existing apps. Now Google’s Allo is getting the updates for the group incognito chat with the restore and backup plans.

allo vs hangouts 2 1 Google Allo is getting the updates of Incognito Mode for groups and chat backup

Incognito Mode for the group’s chat allows to the encrypt the chats. With this feature, the users will not see the messages for the longer but can review the chat by clicking on the link created by the embedded link.

Head of product for Allo and Duo announced incognito mode for groups and link preview in a tweet. Users don’t need worry as you will see the preview of the chat on clicking the link on the chat when the one session of the Incognito Mode expires.

According to the verge report, the Google Allo have less than 50 million users. The Google Allo is not adapted by the users as its video featured app Google Duo is increasing its users.

The users can download the apps updates from the Google Play Store. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments box given below!

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