Search giant Google is rolling out the updates and improvements to the Google Maps. The App has interesting updates and features. Previously, the company adds booking app feature for the Google Map. You can book a spy or a salon from the Map.

The app has a feature about to inform you about the busiest business schedule. Today, the search giant added feature showing you how busy the traffic is long on your way.The Google feature to map can give an idea about the traffic signals and the more information in the way of your destination.

According to the report, when a user adds its new destination on the map, the map, will tell you the estimated arrival time, the delays due to traffic and other information about the directions. The details about the traffic on the Google Map is the best feature.

The graph on the map let you know the route of your destination, the traffic feature show you a visual comparison of the traffic to way of your destination and the just before the your arrival. By using the traffic feature on Map, you can save your time from the rushing in the heavy traffic hours.

screenshot 20170716 131833 1024 1500193171 Google adds new feature to see the traffic around your route on Google Maps

The android and iOS device owner can enjoy the feature by going live with the Google Maps app. What do you think about the new traffic feature, share your views with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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