Search giant Google keeps on traditions, the updates and new features to phishing attacks, today Google adds new features to prevent from the phishing attacks. The company last month add new features to the fishing platform.

Generally, the phishing attacks affect the Gmail and Google Docs. These attacks steal your username and password of your Gmail or Google Docs and thus your important data has been stolen.

With the yesterday announcement, Google is presenting a solution to the phishing attacks with the addition of the security protection features that safeguard your important data. There are multiple apps for your android or iOS devices. Some of them are verified with search giant and many of them are not verified with Google.

170623153459 google scan email ad stop 780x439 Google adds new feature to strengthen the security form phishing attacks

These Apps ask you to enter the information of your gmail, Now with the security protection feature, Google will warn you about the unverified app by showing you with a dialogue as “unverified app screen”. However, it totally depends upon you, either you further proceed with the unverified app or not.

Moreover, the notifications and warnings from the Google security are only for the unauthorized application from the Google. These security updates have connected Google accounts to the third party applications accounts. According to the report, Google says:

“Beginning today, we’re rolling out an “unverified app” screen for newly created web applications and Apps Scripts that require verification. This new screen replaces the “error” page that developers and users of unverified web apps receive today. The “unverified app” screen precedes the permissions consent screen for the app and lets potential users know that the app has yet to be verified. This will help reduce the risk of user data being phished by bad actors.”

google unverified app screen Google adds new feature to strengthen the security form phishing attacks

The security features are not only shown you the unauthorized app, but also the same type of warnings for the developers that extend the content of Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms with additional functionality. Moreover, the Google says:

“These new notices will inform users automatically if they may be at risk, enabling them to make informed decisions to keep their information safe, and will make it easier to test and develop apps for developers.”

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