photo Good News for Samsung Note lovers  Samsung will Continue the Production of Note Brand despite the Note7 battery Scandal

Despite the battery issue found in Galaxy note 7  the company will continue the production of Galaxy Note series. There are still Note users who are waiting for the new device to use.

After the investigation on Note 7 battery issue, Samsung’s mobile chief D.J Koh stated in an interview with CNET, “Samsung will bring a better, safer and a complete new Note 8 .” Koh also stated that there are still Note fans out there waiting for Samsung to launch the new model of Note family.

For sure, Samsung says its most faithful base of clients over the majority of its items (and it makes a considerable measure of stuff) are those who’ve purchased Note models. Simply take a look at the huge number of Note 7 clients still on Verizon – the service provider needs to make an intense move like directing calls to its client to motivate them to hand the gadgets over.

explosive start for samsung galaxy note 7 more phones catch fire while charging 507793 4 Good News for Samsung Note lovers  Samsung will Continue the Production of Note Brand despite the Note7 battery Scandal

Internationally, 96 percent of Note 7 purchasers have exchanged their cellphones. In the US, the official count is 97 percent, yet Tim Baxter, president of Samsung’s US arm, says the number of cellphones removed from the use is approximately to 99 percent since the greater part of the rest of the units are no longer associated with cell networks. “We are pushing to get to that 100 percent,” smartphone said Samsung.

Samsung faced very a very loss from the battery issue raised in Note 7, but Samsung now stated that the issue is now solved and now onwards no issues will be found in a smartphone. Samsung recalled the whole stock from the market in which battery problems were faced by users. But still, there are users out there who using Note 7 and in order stop them Samsung is trying to disable the Phone through software updates to stop users from using Note 7.

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Samsung announced an eight-point plan to make sure the safety of new upcoming Galaxy S8 and Note 8 won’t catch fire. The reason of announcing eight-points is to check the phone more precisely and deeply, Samsung’s new phone Galaxy S8 won’t be displayed at Mobile World Congress unlike previous Galaxy models because Samsung need more time to make sure the problems they face in previous models won’t face again.