Now this year in 2017, if you having the problem of less storage capacity for your iPad or iPhones then you don’t need to worry. SanDisk came with the solution for this now. In general, you can save and delete data like your photos and videos in the dropbox. But this is the time taking process. Sometimes you don’t have much time and you are in hurry. You don’t need to use cloud exclusively now.

In MWC 2017, Apple announced the good news for its users. If you want to increase your local storage on you iPad or iPhone then there are many devices which can connect wirelessly or use a lightning connector. You have SanDisk the iXpand Flash Drive or the Connect Wireless Stick. These gadgets are life-saving for you worth full data.


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Both devices were only capable of holding data of 16GB or 128GB, but now, there is an up gradation in both drives. They can capable to save up to 256GB data in them. The iXpand contain a Lightning and USB 3.0 connector in it, so by using this, users can transfer data safely between their iOS devices and PC or MAC. You can already get it in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The new version of 256GB data capacity costs 197.50 dollars. Now you can store around 14,000 photos and up to 10 hours of streaming videos and music.


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The Connect Wireless Stick is another device for similar use. It accompanies SanDisk’s companion Apple’s iOS app. Users can access it to stream movies and from the stick. The app also streams content via AirPlay to the Apple TV. The new version of 256GB data stick will cost you 279.99 dollars. Both of these devices can be found and bought through the common retailers, like Amazon, B&H, and Best Buy.

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